Transfers & Music Festivals

Why would you want to go to a festival or wedding without all of your mates in the one bus together? Why wait for a rideshare that’s late and overpriced due to the high demand? Start your party right and utilise our stress-free transfers to your next wedding or music festival.

We can offer a time you will never forget and let’s be honest the bus trip is always more fun than the actual event. Smooth Hoperator offers a fun time for you and your group for your transport needs. By getting in early to reserve your Bus Hire (bus with a driver) or Bus Charter to plan your next Festival Bus you could create memories of a lifetime. Our bus is fully accredited and fully insured, so let the good times roll.

If you book our bus you will get nothing but a lifetime of fun memories in a bus with one hell of a sound system. Our party bus will take care of you and your friends for the next event. Our 12-seater party bus has one massive Sound System, LED party lights, limo tinting, and a roaming mic for you to sing along to your favorite tunes. Please send an inquiry today on our contact page for a free quote.




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