The Beer Growler and Squealer

31 Jan, 2021 | Drinking Vessels

Byron Bay Gold Coast Brewery ToursThe Beer Growler and Squealer

Have you ever wondered what’s a beer growler or where the name came from? Well, they have 2 theories. The first is back in the 18th century people would purchase beer with a pail and apparently the barman would only fill the pail with 1 pint and they would growl about not getting the pail filled to the top.

The second theory of the growler name comes from the from the late 18th century and beer was carted out from the local pub back to someones home with a small, galvanized pail, jug or large vessel. They claim that beer splashed around in the pale or vessel which made carbon dioxide to escape and this would sound like a growl.

Growlers are now sold at most breweries allowing you to fill up and take home your favorite craft beer. As you can fill them over and over, they are also environmentally friendly and a great option as cans and glass will be down cycled not reused as a beer glass again. You can also get a squealer that is half the size of the growler which is 945 ml. The size of most growlers in Australia is usually 1.89 lts to 2 lts. The beer will only keep for around a week, so if you’re like us it will only last a day or two!

When you join our brewery tours either on the Gold Coast or in Northern NSW and Byron Bay, you can pick up one of these bad boys at venues including Black Hops Brewery, Balter Brewing, Earth Beer Company, Precinct Brewing and Wanadana Brewing. Also, if you’re thinking of taking one home and you are booked on one of our best brewery tours, please let us know the day before the tour. This way we will make sure to bring our esky with ice, as it will be kept at a nice cool temperature and wont heat up during the day!

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