Not just a brewery tour, it’s the “VIBE”

07 Apr, 2021 | Events

Gold Coast Breweries With Smooth HoperatorDid you know that Smooth Hoperator is not just a brewery tour, we have an experienced team who have 10 years in events and tour operations? We can help run the best day out for any type of event you wish for, from birthday parties, hens and buck’s days, corporate day out or even just a group wanting to get together. Our beer pilots have the experience of running a very smooth day on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Brisbane region.

Let Smooth Hoperator exceed your expectations! You will experience a day to remember like no other. We offer many packages including a brewery tour visiting many breweries on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Northern Rivers, and Brisbane. Yes, we do talk about the brewing process, what beers you are drinking, however we won’t make this a long boring experience where we stand for long periods of time and all you can think of is when do we get to drink and taste the beer?

As the day moves along and the alcohol takes effect, so does the music, singing and busaroke. We make sure the karaoke is ready and all charged up on the party bus, we also have best sound system that you will ever hear on a brewery tour! Did I mention the LED party lights as well? Yes, that is right.

No day is the same, if you have watched Groundhog Day or Lost in Translation you will understand what we mean. Do you love craft beer? Do you love craft spirits? Would you love to have a fun day out? Do you love singing a few bangers? Do you love a great party bus with a sound system that will blow your socks off? If so, it sounds like you’re missing out and you should book your next tour with the Smooth Hoperator.


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